The Science of Play

Does the world really need another book about playgrounds? Yes, if it takes a fresh approach, has a global perspective, and provides noteworthy, interesting examples. My new book, The Science of Play, does all of those things as well as gives patrons, designers, and parents a novel way to think about public spaces for children.

I have been frustrated by recent discussions about play. These have been well-meaning but not very effective in improving venues for kids and their families. I have tried to shift the debate by asking what kids need to thrive. I link data to design. Taking my lead from behavioral sciences, I look for public play solutions that encourage risk taking, succeeding and failing, planning ahead, gaining friends. Many of these built works are inexpensive, sustainable, and easy to accomplish.

I hope that American readers will seriously consider the handpicked examples (more than 50) in The Science of Play and be inspired to improve their own local community spaces.

The Science of Play is available from UPNE and Kindle.

For those of you in central New Jersey or eastern Pennsylvania who are looking for a stellar book experience and are seeking gifts for children, make a visit to The Bear and The Books in Hopewell, NJ. The owner, Bobbie Fishman, has a vast knowledge of children's books and will help you make a perfect selection. She is also stocking The Science of Play.

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Together we can make splendid and lively public spaces for everyone!

Best regards,

Susan G. Solomon